“Toronto the Good” was a nickname bestowed on our city by Mayor W.H. Howland in the 1880s. Here we are some 130 years later, and you still hear that moniker used from time to time. And when you think about Thinking Forward’s anti-bullying education taking place in city schools, and some of the desired outcomes in the lives of students such as compassion, it’s a name that it would be wonderful to live up to and to see live on into the future.

I experienced some of the compassion of the citizens of “Toronto the Good” this summer, though I hardly remember meeting them and don’t know who they are…you see, I suffered a bike accident on the street that left me with a rather severe concussion. Some very compassionate drivers took time to stop to comfort me and make sure I had regained my feet and that help was on the way, and to them I am very grateful. I hesitate to think what might have happened had those good neighbours decided not to take time out of their day to take care of me. And it’s those kinds of decisions and actions that we encourage our students – the drivers and adults of tomorrow – to be making. And that makes me feel good to think about what’s to come in our good city.