In Kenya, there’s a proverb: “sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.” There is much wisdom in those six short words. No matter how talented we are or how much we have learned or done in our lives, we are all stronger when we work together. Our abilities, and our capacities to accomplish, to sustain our passion even in the midst of difficulty, to dream big and to find joy in our victories (and renewed vigour after setbacks) are all enhanced when we are part of an effective team. Not one of us is gifted in every way, so when we join in pursuit of larger goals in step with others, we are capable of so much more. I think often of a treasured former colleague of mine who would describe to those of us on the team he led that nothing gave him as much joy as achieving something, no matter how seemingly small, arm-in-arm with the rest of us; for him, the triumphs were that much sweeter because we had done them together.

Where in your life do you get to display teamwork? What opportunities do you have to join with others, and to come alongside people who could benefit from what you have to offer? Perhaps there is an existing team out there that has a void just waiting for you to fill it and create, as the proverb says, an unbreakable bundle.

At Thinking Forward, we know that nothing is accomplished without the unselfish efforts of our many excellent team members making a difference, together. Our emphasis on teamwork also extends into Thinking Forward’s anti-bullying programming, as students are shown the value of collaboration. Our goal is that they (and everyone!) would learn to not bully one other as they learn to work well with each other.