It’s mid-December. For a large number of us that means we’re nearing the end of (or, if you’re like me, closer to beginning) the search for just the right gift for each person on your list. What should you give to your significant other that will make them smile, your top-notch co-worker to let them know you appreciate them, or your niece and your nephew that will make them think you are totally awesome?

The spirit of generosity that is unleashed at this time of year is a marvelous thing. In the midst of your barrage of holiday gift-giving, why not also pause and give some thought to the other gifts you have to give throughout the year? Time is something we all have to give; is there a way you could be generous with your hours that would benefit others? Is there a talent you have that could be put to use to impact someone else? Do you have experience, wisdom, compassion? What else comes to mind that you could use to build into and strengthen your community?

The work that Thinking Forward does to provide anti-bullying character education that enables children and youth to make positive life choices is only possible because of the gift-giving of many people. A growing group of volunteers is using their time and talents to bring excellence to our programming, while others’ donations provide the resources that make it possible. If you are part of either of those groups of people, we are so grateful to you! If you aren’t currently involved, consider clicking the “donate” or “get involved” tabs at the top of this page to discover how your gift-giving can be difference-making to the children and youth of Toronto.