Each month in this space we talk about important ideas that form the backbone of what Thinking Forward is about. But as I have been reflecting on what’s been written here over the school year, I got to wondering how the ideas land in the real lives of the real people who are part of Thinking Forward’s programming.

So to hear this testimonial from a teacher whose class participated in Thinking Forward’s workshops this school year warmed my heart: “We had the fortunate opportunity of experiencing the Thinking Forward program in our classroom. The coordinator and volunteer were wonderful! They were engaged with students and extremely helpful – students were eager to see them every week. Throughout the entire program, students were excited about learning and thoroughly enjoyed the incorporation of Arts as they continued to develop key learning skills. The whole experience was highly positive and I recommend Thinking Forward to all schools!”

Ideas are just that – ideas. But when those ideas reach into young lives and begin to bring positive change, that’s what we’re all about. That’s also why Thinking Forward has launched the ‘Strive for 25’ campaign, with the goal of extending the reach of our anti-bullying programming to a total of 25 Toronto schools. It’s important that the genuine, positive impact spoken of by that teacher, is multiplied and extended across the city.