On the 11th of November, a pause is taken in many places around the world to remember the sacrifices of those who lost their lives in World Wars. It is worth being reminded that each of those people made a choice – a choice to risk their own comfort, safety and even their own lives. They were willing to sacrifice, selflessly, for the good of many others.

While it is important for us to diligently seek peace, and hope against war on such a scale ever again, the choices made by those who gave themselves in such a way can allow us to take pause and reflect. As Thinking Forward is committed to helping people of all ages make choices that develop character to build stronger communities in Toronto, the idea of such self-sacrificial choices is one to consider.

While we, thankfully, are not being called on to take part in armed conflict, is there an opportunity in your life to express character through giving yourself to help others? Perhaps there is a place where your time, your talents, or your resources could make a massive difference in building a strong community. Or perhaps you could use your influence for good, or go out of your way to show tangible compassion to someone who needs it. What new habit can you choose to make that will make a lasting difference?

Like those who are remembered for their sacrifice, our choices to live in service of others are an opportunity to leave a legacy – let’s continue to choose to make such an impact in our community.