When I ran sprints for the track team at my high school, our coach always had us train at a distance
slightly longer than our race. It was to prepare us to run hard all the way to the end, which he called
“powering through the line”. He was training us to fight against the very human tendency to ease up
when the end is almost near.

For those of us with children in our families and circles of influence, we should be aware that
the same inclination to finish less-than-strongly can apply to students in a school year. And that’s not
only about the effort given to schoolwork, but perhaps social matters as well. If a student is not keeping
as firm a grasp on the values and the character-building and the behaviours that promote anti-bullying,
can we stay aware and give them the gentle reminders they may need? Let’s do what we can to make
sure as many students as possible “power through the line” of this school year and maintain those
characteristics that keep others free from bullying.

At Thinking Forward, we provide programming and character-building education that aims to
decrease bullying in our schools and our city, and the work never stops! We thank you for your interest
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who are already involved at any level: thank you so much!