It’s National Volunteer Week this week. As people across Canada take time from the 12th to the 18th to recognise the dedication and self-sacrificial work of volunteers, we at Thinking Forward echo our appreciation to everyone who volunteers, and offer a massive salute to those whose efforts make the work of Thinking Forward possible!!

“It is amazing how much can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit.” This wonderful, and entirely true, quote has made the rounds for years, being attributed to everyone from former US President Harry Truman to legendary college basketball coach John Wooden (though its actual source is 19th century British novelist Charles E. Montague). For them, for everyone who passes the quote on, and for our wonderful volunteers who make it come true week in and week out, there is an understanding that when we put the best interests of others and of a group ahead of our desire for renown, it leads to great results.

Co-operation not only allows more to be accomplished, however; it also reinforces a truth that is essential to our core goal here at Thinking Forward. As we seek, through anti-bullying character education designed to help children and youth make positive life choices, collaboration develops a key ingredient: it moves us to value those we co-operate with. When we’re willing to share our work and invest our time and energies with other people, it allows us to see them as important, as worthy. At a recent anti-violence event in Toronto, Terry Crews profoundly described that no one will put their hands on someone who they think is their equal. We see that what is gained by working collectively goes well beyond just the actual work, as it shapes how we see one another. Co-operation can go a long way towards ending bullying.

There is a wonderful collaborative effort among our existing volunteers as they move Thinking Forward’s cause forward. Consider how adding your efforts to that co-operation can make a difference – your volunteering or generosity can allow our programming to continue to reach into schools in Toronto, and accomplish much in the lives of many students.