Integrity. It’s a real sign of character. Strong character that comes from an inner strength and conviction. That conviction leads a person of integrity to be honest in how they speak and in how they deal with people. That honesty produces trustworthiness – when you say you’ll do something you follow through. That kind of trustworthiness leads others to think, “this is a person I can count on; who I like being on the same team as.” That teamwork creates forward leadership – the kind that creates positive change and makes a difference in communities. Community gets impacted by integrity: though it is a personal trait, its effects come full circle and impact others positively.

In Thinking Forward’s anti-bullying programming, children and youth are shown the importance of integrity and are encouraged to demonstrate it by making right choices at school, home and community. It’s an essential building block on which things like team-building and creating positive change are built.
We’re also grateful to have such an incredible team of volunteers who demonstrate the depth of their own character and the strength of their conviction in the way that they serve children and youth. Why not consider how you might get involved, and help make this inward and outward impact in the lives of children and youth in our city?