“The impacts of bullying extend far beyond the particular incidents where it occurs. Research has shown that both the perpetrators and targets of bullying may experience serious, long-lasting negative life consequences.” This snippet from a document produced by the Government of Canada’s Department of Public Safety illustrates why the work Thinking Forward does is so important. Our goals, which include working to help eliminate bullying in Toronto’s schools, don’t only impact schools today, but the entire community – today and tomorrow.

This particular resource can be found here: https://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/cnt/rsrcs/pblctns/2018-ddrss-bllyng-cybrbllyng/index-en.aspx It includes a number of helpful sections. The one entitled ‘Risk and Protective Factors’ is by no means an absolute, but does provide snapshots about what the current research into bullying in Canada finds – of particular interest is this idea that ”those who feel more connected to their school and who perceive the climate to be trusting, fair and pleasant were less likely to be perpetrators in bullying and cyberbullying incidents”; it is why we believe so strongly that anti-bullying education and programming like Thinking Forward provides is so crucial! The document also provides a wide array of online resources, for individual and for school use.

Thanks again to everyone who contributes to Thinking Forward in any way! You are helping make a crucial difference in the lives of Toronto’s students. Please also keep an eye on the front page of the website as our 3rd Annual Online Auction is coming soon – this is a great way to be involved in raising funds that directly impact our schools and our community.

-Ken L.