This space had not been updated in a few months – sorry about that, and thanks for returning. Part of the reason for the delay was the birth of our family’s first child – a son.

Owen’s arrival has brought a lot of change to our lives, and many new routines. There are walks to be gone on, visits to the doctor, baby groups to go sing songs at, visits with grandma and grandpa, diapers to be changed…and then changed again.

In the midst of the joy and the busy times, though, I can’t help but think beyond these next few months and into my son’s future. What kind of Toronto do I hope that Owen grows up in? What type of country and world is he going to inherit for his future? As I think about his life as a schoolboy and beyond, I can’t help but be grateful for the existence and work of an organization like Thinking Forward. I sat down at my keyboard after laughing with him while he was in his jumper, and I think how much it would then pain me if bullying were to be part of his life growing up (whether he were inflicting it, receiving it or even observing it happen to others). To know that there are people dedicated to serving children to empower them to rise above bullying and to create positive change in their communities fills me with hope – hope for my son, hope for this great city, hope for our world.