While the school year winds to a close, at Thinking Forward we are grateful to each and every school who has invited us to partner with them this year. The opportunity to be building communities by bringing character-building education to students is what we are all about. From the very first class mobiles at the beginning of the school year right through our project in these last weeks of the year painting positive messages and images in the hallways at Poplar Road Public School and J R Wilcox Community School, students across Toronto have been encouraged to take initiative to create positive change for themselves, others and their community. Knowing that 100% of students last year noted that they had a positive experience with our programming, and that it produced results (for instance, 85% of teachers noted that their classes showed increased collaboration as a result of working with Thinking Forward), we continue to work and strive to make a difference in our schools.

As we enjoy these summer months and look ahead to a new school year, we would also invite you to become involved with Thinking Forward’s programming – please consider volunteering or perhaps donating, which is as easy as clicking the ‘Donate’ box at the top of this page.

Thank you, Ken