“That’s not fair!” How many times have you heard a child exclaim that? Then, how often has the retort from an adult been, “life’s not fair”? And while we know that life in our day is not fair…should it be? Is that reality something we should just shrug off, or is it a good thing to desire and to try to bring about some greater measure of fairness? If it’s not fair that some children should be subjected to bullying and have to live in fear at school each and every day, isn’t it the best response to rally together, take action and make that unfair situation as fair as can be?

As the Toronto District School Board puts the spotlight on fairness in February, we at Thinking Forward applaud that wholeheartedly. We are committed as an organization to doing everything we can, via all of our programming, to making bullying a thing of the past. Our team of volunteers is making every effort to ensure fairness – that no child should have their safety and self-worth threatened by the grim spectre of bullying – a reality in more and more places. It’s why we’re committed to FIFTEENX15; Thinking Forward’s aim is to expand our anti-bullying character education programs to 15 different inner-city schools by the end of 2015.

You can get involved in what Thinking Forward is doing to make a difference. To volunteer or to donate, follow the links on the front page of this website.