A lot can change in a short amount of time. Consider that the percentage of people in Canada living in cities went from less than 50% to over 80% in one generation after the end of World War II. Also, when I was a young boy in Ontario in the late 1970s, the province began a campaign to fight littering –  the images I have as a boy of the side of the highway packed solid with discarded papers and food packaging and such are just memories, as education and clean-up programs improved things within a few short years.

The fact that such large shifts in lifestyles and culture can occur so quickly leaves me very hopeful. As Thinking Forward does its work in providing arts-based character education in Toronto schools with the aim of decreasing the frequency of bullying, I believe that a similar seismic change is possible. Could the children who are now students one day see their own children go to schools where bullying has become a thing of the past? Absolutely they could! And our organization is committed to doing our part to shape a vision of a future like that.

Thanks are due to everyone who plays any role in making Thinking Forward’s programming a reality – every volunteer, every teacher and school administrator, every donor, everyone working behind the scenes. We’re so grateful for your partnership. If you’re not yet involved, please consider how you might support this work, and help our schools and our students.