When observing some of the recent results of the creative projects students have engaged in through Thinking Forward’s programming, I was struck by how much fun and how much beauty is accomplished through collaboration. Students work together, share ideas and grow in valuing each other and each other’s contributions. They give feedback about how positive this experience is, and it is our hope that that spirit becomes a value they carry forward throughout their lives. I was struck by the fact I saw these works of art directly after reading the news of the day, which seems to reflect more and more divisiveness by the day. I realize how teaching students the importance of collaboration, of valuing others and of this kind of positivity is not only important in anti-bullying programming, but in shaping the society of tomorrow.

            In this space each month, we encourage folks to get involved; here is a great opportunity: Thinking Forward’s 3rd Annual Online Auction is approaching soon. So any contribution to this helps more students be positively impacted! Please consider any spring cleaning items, gift cards, gifts that you are not likely to use or event tickets that you could kindly donate to us – email us at info@thinkingforward.ca, if you or someone you know is able to donate. Thanks very much!