At Thinking Forward, we’re dedicated to building character and building communities. We want to enable people to make choices that show compassion, create a positive influence and take ownership of their actions. These are not just wonderful concepts to us, but we believe these are practical attributes that, when lived out, make a real difference in individual lives and that strengthen the community.

Our commitment to arts-based learning for children is designed to instill those attributes in young people in the city through hands-on play. The ultimate desire is that those character traits would then become a reality in their lives, and that this in turn would cause a positive transformation in our schools and neighbourhoods.

Our programming addresses one of the most serious issues that children and youth in our community face: bullying. This anti-bullying program was recently featured on Global TV in Susan Hay’s “Making A Difference” segment (you can view the clip here:

The clip demonstrates the impact we hope to have in the lives of each child and youth in Toronto. With the help of our partners and volunteers, Thinking Forward aims to continue making a functional difference in the community. Partner with us to help young people make the kinds of choices that will make a harmful practice like bullying become a thing of the past.